Ex Student

"I started flight training with Sunraysia Gliding Club in 2002 while I was at school in Mildura. I cannot say enough good things about the club. Whether you are looking for a scenic flight or to learn to fly, Sunraysia gliding club will allow you to do this in a relaxed yet professional environment. The new 2 seat glider looks great too! I am now a pilot with the RAAF and I owe my success at military flying school in no small part to my experience in gliding. Gliding promotes proper understanding of aerodynamics and aircraft handling without focussing on the instruments too much, which can happen in powered flying. Looking out the front and attitude fly is the mantra of both gliding and military training so the transition was smooth for me. The advantage of spin training and aerobatics available in gliding is also great. If you are thinking about learning to fly, try gliding first, you will love it."

Samuel da Graca Costa

Ex Student

October 2013


"Great place to eat scones and watch the gliders (winch launch). But first and foremost, make sure you sign up for a tandem flight, worth every penny if you score good lift in my honest opinion."


November 2017

Winch Launching conversion

"IS28B2 VH-GCN owned and operated by the Sunraysia Gliding Club. This is the glider in which I converted to winch launching."


December 2011